Our services

Branding - Starting at $500

At Dinsmore Design, we don’t just create logos, we create brands. Anyone can create an attractive icon to represent your company, but we get to know your business, research your mission and create an identity that resonates specifically with your customers.

Web Development & Design - Starting at $1500

Looking for an awesome marketing page to show off your products? Need someone to create a custom web application for your clients? We work with popular CMS systems, like WordPress, to offer easy-to-update solutions to small businesses, as well as custom web applications built in the latest technologies, such as Node.js, Meteor, Jekyll, Vue.js, React and more!

Print Design - Starting at $200

We’re here to help you with any design creation you need – from business cards and company letterhead to advertisements and promotional collateral, we want you to reach your customers and look good doing it!

Web Management - Starting at $50 / month

We get it, you're a busy person, you don't have time to learn the ins-and-outs of your website's system and keep it updated. Let us do it for you! We offer monthly management packages that include content and feature updates to your web pages, whether it's been built from scratch or it's on a content management system, like WordPress.

Managed Hosting - Starting at $20 / month

Setting up a brand new web domain or not happy with your hosting company? We use lightning-quick Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to deliver your content at blazing-fast speeds. Before you pay another company an arm and a leg for underperforming shared servers, let us manage your site in the cloud for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Web design is centered on the visual aesthetics and usability of a website. It is focused on what the user sees on a web page and less about the underlying code that makes everything work. In the industry, most agencies use web designers to mock-up layouts that developers then turn into working websites. While some web designers may know a little HTML, CSS and Javascript, most freelance designers selling websites to small businesses are only familiar with the user interface of content management systems, where they select prebuilt themes and enter in your content.

Web developers write the code responsible for bringing the mock up created by a web designer to life on the web. Web development focuses on two aspects - the front-end and the back-end. The front end of a website is generated by HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is the 'view' layer you see and interact with when visiting a page. The back end is concerned with managing data within the website's database and creating the logic that serves it to the front end to be displayed. Building a truly unique web experience is only possible with a developer who will understand your website's code and how it interacts with the server and browser.

We are skilled in both the design AND development side of the web and create stunning websites that are one-of-a-kind.

What's the difference between Branding and Logo Design?

Most professional visual designers are skilled at making attractive graphics and collateral but fall short when it comes to developing a complete brand's identity. Your customers don't experience your company through a logo, they experience it through you and your messaging. A good designer should know that creating a logo is only a small part of a company's branding strategy, which should include not only a logo but fonts, colors and a style guide to follow that makes your brand recognizable in everything it does.

At Dinsmore Design, we try to make a clear distinction between a 'logo' and an 'identity,' because we pride ourselves on the research we put into each and every project in order to maximize its potential to YOUR clients. We provide a carefully thought out experience to your clients that reflects your business's target market and core values, not just a pretty graphic to attach to your emails.

Award Winning

Our creativity has been awarded multiple national awards in branding and electronic media. Regardless of the project's scope, we always hold our work to the highest standards.

Innovative Ideas

We pride ourselves on creating clean, attractive and modern works that are both creative and elegant. Everything we create is unique and designed to maximize our client’s investment.

Quick Turnaround

We don't like to keep our clients waiting; your time is expensive, we get it! Our goal is to always provide a quick turnaround without compromising quality.