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To develop a modern-looking and recognizable identity that would reflect the company’s startup brand and tech culture and would have significant impact when reproduced as small as 16 x 16px, without looking too bold at large sizing.


Like most of our branding projects, hand-drawn marks were first developed, then digitized into grayscale identities. Several forms of the identity were created and it was eventually decided upon that the official branding would consist of a mark and stylized text. This way, the client could use the mark separately from its full identity as an icon or watermark feature.

After finally deciding on colors, several single and two-color versions were developed and were printed on five different versions of business cards. The identity is used on the company’s website masthead and on several collateral pieces.

  • Summary:

    Identity created for Arizona web development startup, DigitalISO, for use on business cards, letterhead, web banners and other advertisement materials and collateral.

  • Client: DigitalISO
  • Date: May 2016
  • More Images:
    • Marks with color palette

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