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Color Room Films | Website Redesign


To develop a new website which achieves a modern and soft look that would draw the audience in from the first page without looking cluttered or disorganized on content-heavy pages.


Color Room Film’s website was originally built using the GoDaddy Site Builder, which looked dated, cluttered and not optimally responsive. The original design was developed from the ground-up as a (mostly) static site utilizing Materialize CSS as a framework for the design and interaction.

Utilizing parallax scrolling in the image headers with grid-spaced text areas and embedded video, the website is able to retain a significant amount of information, without being overwhelming to the reader. The website also utilizes a simplified footer that includes a Google Map of the area serviced, as well as contact information that makes every single page a “landing page” for marketing purposes.

After months of refining the site for customer needs and SEO targeting, the content had outgrown its original scope and the site was rebuilt entirely with Jekyll to allow for more advanced templating, while still retaining the speed of a static site.

The client has run several, very successful, marketing campaigns which have coincided with the webpage launch. Site traffic has increased nearly 90% since the redesign with an above pages per session and bounce rate metric. While the business isn’t one that generally has return customers, we’ve seen that nearly 75% of visits are new customers, which tells us the page is definitely generating a lot of interest!

Moving Forward:

The next evolution of the Color Room website will implement Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages spec to boost its rankings on Google and provide a more optimal mobile experience. This is important because, while the site is currently optimized for quick page load times, over 70% of its visitors are on mobile.

  • Summary:

    Website designed for Color Room Films in Jackson, NJ to use as a landing page for potential clients and a portfolio of recent work.

  • Client: Color Room Films
  • Date: June 2016
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