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Your Jersey Shore Wedding | Identity Creation


To develop a simple identity that reflects the company’s brand and image by tying in a simple graphic with the company’s name.


The company really didn’t have much of a direction for its branding, as it was a brand new startup when they came to us. Because of the wedding aspect, we decided to utilize a simple graphic that would instantly tell potential customers the industry they’re involved with. As the company’s name can be a mouthful, we opted to utilize the company’s initials in a subtle font on the mark, so as not to distract from the main imagery. The color pink was chosen as the brand’s primary color to give it a feminine touch for brides looking for services through them.

  • Summary:

    Identity created for New Jersey wedding film and photography company, Your Jersey Shore Wedding. Logo is live on the company’s website and is used in several promotional materials.

  • Client: Your Jersey Shore Wedding
  • Date: May 2016
  • More Images:
    • Logo in brand's primary color

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