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Verde Vintage & Thrift, Inc. | Identity Creation & Website Redesign


To rebuild an outdated brand’s appearance and modernize it, while still conveying homage to its vintage nature.


The original brand identity for Verde was never done in a digital format. It was embroidered on employee uniforms and a typeface was painted on the building. The company had no real brand for its customers to identify with, just a name and a location. The goal of the new identity was to modernize the old-time appearance of the company’s name and tie it into the color green as an homage to “Verde” in its name.

While the company had a website, it was built on’s free service, was unresponsive and didn’t really call to the company’s target audience, not to mention it utilized a stale blogging page with very outdated content. The company wanted the website redesigned to act as more of a landing page where it’d act as a marketing piece to drive traffic to their Facebook, Etsy and physical location, so a one-page design was deployed.

The redesign was built on the Bootstrap CSS framework utilizing custom CSS styles and employs jQuery libraries for image lightboxes on the selected inventory section. Moving forward, the plan was to connect the listed inventory to Etsy’s API and dynamically pull in new listings, but the company closed its doors at the end of 2015 and has no plans to continue on with its business venture.

  • Summary:

    Rebranding and website redesign for Verde Vintage & Thrift, Inc. to meld vintage flair with modern style.

  • Client: Verde Vintage & Thrift, Inc.
  • Date: August 2014
  • More Images:
    • Verde Vintage & Thrift Logo
    • Verde WordPress Design (Original)
    • Verde Finished Custom Design (Final)

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