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To rebrand all of Community Education’s program offerings to have a similar look and feel to the district’s brand but also as a package to strengthen the department’s brand in itself.


In 2014, the Community Education department of Mesa Public Schools had a problem - its programming options were too segmented from the overall brand and they needed to solidify their standing as a premiere choice for children’s before- and after-school activities in the city and state.

After much deliberation, rather than rebranding the entire department, we decided it was a better move to rebrand the individual programs the department offered. Community Education wasn’t necessarily selling itself to parents and community members, but its programs. While we wanted to strengthen the overal “brand” of the department and district, the best way to do so was by allowing people to better connect them with the branding of the programs they already attended and knew.

The first program we tackled was Tweens ‘N’ Teens Connect, or TNT. Because of the obvious acronymn tie-in, the obvious choice for its identity would be some kind of explosion… but as a public school district, that can be a tricky subject to approach. Previous branding was very outdated and included Microsoft Word clip art, which was well over-due for an overhaul.

After several iterations, the final product (shown above) was decided upon because it was extremely bold and reproduced very well at small sizes, but also had delicate intracacies that could be seen up-close, and the explosion was non-threatening and created excitement more than any negative connotations.

  • Summary:

    Identity creation for Mesa Public Schools’ Tweens ‘n’ Teens Connect Program. Utilized in both web and print promotional materials.

  • Client: Mesa Public Schools | Community Education
  • Date: May 2014
  • More Images:
    • Primary color designs for TNT logo

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