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Sanctity Studios | Website Redesign


To design and develop a quick-loading, responsive, website that resembles a one page app and brings a more modern flair to the brand.


Previously, the company was utilizing WordPress as a content management system with an unresponsive theme. The look of the website was outdated and, because of the blog shown on it, the website seemed like it was more informational than trying to sell a service. In order to simplify and bring the website into a more modern layout design, it was decided to build a one-page site that would act as a sales landing page, yet still have functions to add more information (done via modals) without cluttering the page.

As the goal of the project was to act as a landing page to generate sales, load time was paramount to the intent of the page, so a single static page was implemented. In order to add more interactivity and cut down on cluttered information, while still being able to display a significant amount of text, the page implemented an image grid with full-page modals to display more complex information.

  • Summary:

    Website redesign for Sanctity Studios, a professional recording studio in Mesa, AZ.

  • Client: Sanctity Studios
  • Date: January 2016
  • More Images:
    • Website one-page redesign
    • Modal for gear sections

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