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To develop music forum in the style of Reddit to connect local musicians who have no intentions of joining a band and just want to meet and rock out.


After evaluating multiple frameworks, it was decided to go with Meteor.JS because of its built-in real-time capabilities, rapid development features and strong community support. The app includes a user login system with notifications, a post ranking system, comments and two separate news feeds for “New” and “Best” (top-rated) posts.

Currently, the open-source project is still under development, with future updates including an admin backend for user management, a hierarchy of user roles, to allow for post administration on the front-end of the app, and location-specific feeds based on GPS integration or user-entered zip codes. Eventually a native mobile app is planned but as of now, as features are added, it will continue as a web app, optimized for mobile interaction.

  • Summary:

    An open-source real-time music forum built on Meteor.JS

  • Client: Jam Connect
  • Date: April 2016

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