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Eisenhower Center for Innovation | Concept Redesign


To develop a new identity Eisenhower as it transitioned from an “Elementary” to a “Center for Innovation.” The logo would reflect the school’s mascot and colors to remain patriotic in nature, but have a more professional look than most other elementary identities.


Numerous designs were hand-drawn and presented as scanned copies to the school. Since the project would be a large one, as we were creating an entirely new brand for the school, we needed to make sure we were in the same mindset as the client before completing entire concepts.

After getting approval to move forward, the identities were digitized in Adobe Illustrator and mocked up in several ways to show how they’d interact with the school’s collateral and strengthen its new brand. After months of going back and forth, the school asked if we could, instead, just use the Philadelphia Eagles’ logo in their own colors. Because this violates copyright law, we informed them it wasn’t possible.

Unfortunately, we then lost contact with the school for several months, finally hearing from them that they’d gone with another design that more reflected the “football” branding they had been seeking in the end. While we still believe our original concept was a much stronger branding move for the school, we respect its decision to move forward with a different design.

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