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East Valley Academy | Gatefold Brochure


To develop a promotional piece that would speak to the school’s non-traditional student target audience by utilizing edgy and engaging verbage and imagery to explain to students the importance of receiving their high school diploma.


After sitting down with the clients and discussing the mission of the piece, we set out to develop an action plan that would not only create a single promotion piece for the school, but an entire marketing campaign centered around the non-tradition high school learner. Extensive research was done before ever designing anything, in order to understand the statistics of the school’s target market and how we could create a piece that would be both inviting but also bold on its statement to students. The goal within development was to present the statistics, in a somewhat uneasy manner, but also build up the confidence of students by telling them that they can accomplish their dreams, even if the odds are against them.

It was decided that, rather than using typical images of happy students in typical classroom environments, we really needed a more serious approach, with students that actually attend the school. We wanted to hear their stories and tell it for them. A photoshoot was scheduled and a group of five students were selected by the school to attend. The goal was to produce dramatic images which could be used in grayscale on the front and inner page.

Two different versions of the brochure were designed as a gatefold to appeal to two separate audiences (male and female). Both versions retained the same information inside them, but had different images on outside folds and large inner page. This way, when the brochures were sitting in a display at schools, the counselors could choose the version that was tailored more to the gender of the person they were working with.

Overall, the design was a huge sucess and several iterations have come since the original idea over the years. Superstition High School has also joined EVA in its flex programs and has been added to newer versions of the brochure.


Derek was awarded the 2014 Award of Excellence in Publications and Electronic Media by the National School Public Relations Association for his work and design on this brochure. He was one of 84 awardees, out of 725 applicants, in the United States to win the Award of Excellence and the piece was featured at the NSPRA Publication Award Winners Exchange Center in Baltimore, MD. Derek’s name is also featured on the NSPRA website, as an awardee (linked above)!

  • Summary:

    National award-winning brochure created for the East Valley Academy to highlight its unique educational programs for non-traditional learners.

  • Client: East Valley Academy
  • Date: May 2014
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    • Full design

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